Alright. This is a repost. I dug it out of my archives.

Try this exercise. Fill in the blanks with your answers.

1. If time and money weren’t factors, I’d love to take a course: in creative writing.

2. I’ve always wanted to ask (person you know): Sarah Dessen, about: how to get in touch with the characters emotions well.

3. I’ve always wanted to know how: where writers get their inspiration from.

4. My life would improve if I could only: get published.

5. When I have a sleepless night, it’s usually because I’m worried about: my story that is going nowhere.

6. The worst injustice I can think of is: having someone else take credit for your writing.

7. When I was a kid, I was really passionate about: Barbie dolls? Okay, kidding. Writing a novel.

8. I have always been embarrassed to admit that nothing really interests me.

9. In my life, I have overcome: the ‘writer’s gremlin’ – the writer’s block.

10. If I could volunteer for just one cause, it would be: to support aspiring writers.

11. I wish I were better at: writing, imagining.

12. I have always wondered why: other girls can write so much better than me.


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