“There are some lessons that can only be learned by getting mid-way through a book and learning you don’t have enough story or character depth to finish it. There are some lessons that are only learned once you box yourself into a certain point of view. There are some lessons only learned by realizing what you have is a great, big steaming pile of quirks and character sketch–but no real character CHANGE and thus . . . hell, it’s not a novel.

The solution isn’t to fake your results. The solution is to start your next book more determined and more aware than ever before. It’s to salute the steaming pile of meh . . . and take what you learned and move on to the next book.”

~ Erica Orloff, Writer
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tell me about it. I remember I was THISCLOSE to giving up on Bedful of Moonlight because halfway through the story (literally – I was at page 154), I realised I didn’t have much of a plot or characters deep enough to flesh out their motivations and desires. I’m glad I decided to push through and dig deeper, though. I’m quite pleased with the end result.


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