Update 1: Last EL1101E tutorial on Tuesday. We gave Dr Mie a card in which we all wrote little notes, and she was so touched she cried. Which made me cry. There is something inherently infectious about seeing someone cry. More so when they cry with joy. But Mie Sensei is one of the nicest teachers I’ve ever met. So genuine and earnest. I’m glad to have her as a teacher. Thank you, Mie Sensei!

Update 2: I had a dream on Wednesday night, where my best friend died and I was crying and moping all over the place, and my dad remarked, “If you go around with a gloomy face, no boy is ever going to look at you.” Surreal.

Update 3: Yes. I have decided to take part in Nanowrimo. A lot of authors don’t seem to be (eg, Sarah Dessen and Erica Orloff), but I figured, what the hell, might as well try it. Although I probably won’t be able to complete a 50,000-word (minimum) novel in a month, seeing as how my exams are in two and half weeks’ time. I’m submitting a completely new story that I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned here before. It’s tentatively titled Patches of Blue Sky, and currently stands only at 1,700-odd words, 8 pages. Yes. Infant stages. I’d given up on Mint for a while – the evil mid-story goblin ate up my words, slowing down my progress; it always happens in the middle of the story – but came up with a 50-word summary during Cultural Studies lecture on Wednesday. I’d initially decided to give up on it because I decided it didn’t have enough of a plot to go on, but now that I’ve come up with a solid stripped-down summary of it, there’s a renewed impetus to pull through.

Update 4: My prolonged absence from this blog was a result of drama addiction. I’m sorry! Dramas have such a massive cult following for a reason; they’re described as addictive for a reason.

Okay. No more dramas until your exams are over, Joyce. Just one more month.


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