Gerlynn has been bugging me to update my blog, and I suppose I really should, except that there’s really nothing much to update, because I can’t stand rambling on about myself and my life.

“Who gives a flying crap?” I asked Ger.
“I do!” she barked. “Blog about your life, bemoan your single status, whatever – just blog!”
So here I am, trying to gather a list of blog-worthy things.
You realise that I haven’t said anything of weight so far. Such is the state of my compulsion to blog these days.
School’s started. Which means less time to pursue worthy … pursuits, such as watching drama serials on YouTube. And working on my WIP, an urban fantasy involving spirits, a carnival and being trapped in dreams.
This semester seems more hectic, I realised, because I all my modules list group project as a CA component. Individial papers, I can handle. But projects are a bitch. They take so much synchronisation, organisation, negotiation of timetables, discussions, etc etc etc. For papers, you can get it over and done with quickly, but projects take time; they drag on all the way till the few crazy weeks before finals, where we’d then be rushing to finish up the project and mug for exams.
Here’s the list of modules I’m taking this sem (I’m about to fall asleep writing this post – I am certain no one is interested in reading about all this bs):
1. EL2251 Social Variation of English
2. EL3880B Cinematic Discourse and Language
3. EL3208 Bilingualism
4. GEK1506 Heavenly Mathematics (It has everything to do with calculating the lunar/solar/Chinese/Islamic/etc calendars and 3D visualisation – I think I may potentially be screwed.)
5. PC1322 Understanding the Universe (ASTRONOMY! Finally, I can read astronomy magazines without feeling guilty for spending too much time on leisurely pursuits, because now I have a justification for reading them – I’m taking a module in it!)

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