Where I fall for a fictional character – again

So I caught The Mortal Instruments over the weekend. And can I just take a moment here to fangirl over it?

I’ve intended to read the books for the longest time, and planned to finish reading TMI: City of Bones at least before the movie comes out. But I only managed to read about 40 percent of it before I hit the theatres. Right now, though, I’m completely immersed in the book.

So, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. It was ahhhh-mazing. I loved the characters, I loved the dialogue, I loved the cast, the storyline. For those who think it’s another Twilight, please:

(And I just covered Boromir’s face with text – sorry, Boromir!)

Yes, TMI is a paranormal series with romance and supernatural creatures, but that’s pretty much where the similarity with Twilight ends. Everything else, it does much better.

TMI, in a nutshell, is about this girl Clary Fray who discovers she is a Shadow-hunter (part-angel, part-human whose purpose on earth is to kill demons) after her mother disappears one day. She meets Jace Wayland, who helps her unearth her locked memories and from there, learn about her lineage and find her mother.

Demon-hunting, nephilim, one hot broken guy, what’s not to love?

Plus, the cast is perfect.

Lily Collins as Clary Fray:

Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland/Lightwood/Morgenstern/Herondale (it’s a long story – read the books):


Jonathan Rhys-Meyer as Valentine Morgenstern:

Godfrey Gao as Magnus Bane (Asian pride!):

Kevin Zeger as Alec:

Robert Sheehan as Simon (I can’t believe he’s Irish – he did such a convincing American accent! Plus, he really looks like Justin Long):

Lily Collins as Clary Fray is likeable enough, especially after I watched her in interviews. She seems a lot more eloquent and confident than the lead actress of another film franchise *cough* KStew *cough cough*

And Jamie. Campbell. Bower. That guy is funny, insouciant, witty and a pretty darn good actor. The perfect Jace. He mentioned in an interview that he wanted to make Jace a more broody and dark character as opposed to the charming ladies’ man in the books, because Jace is essentially a character who has learnt over the years under his father’s tutelage that to love something is to break it, and to be loved is to be broken. So he’s the indifferent tough-guy who’s a softie at heart – don’t you just love male characters like this? I wasn’t that into Jace when I read the book (at least, not until where I’d read before watching the movie), but after watching Jamie Campbell Bower’s interpretation of the character I’m just hopping around going, “Jace, Jace, Jace!” with hearts for eyes.

And did you know that Alex Pettyfer was originally cast as Jace? All I can say is, thank goodness he turned down the role. I mean, I can see why they would turn to Alex Pettyfer, because he does look like a Jace. But I don’t think he would’ve thought to play Jace the way Jamie had. Pettyfer would probably just turn on the charm and arrogance but not lend enough emotional depth to the character.

Jamie just does it better. Case in point:

Anyway, I now ship this (fictional, even though they dated in real life) couple so bad:

And speaking of ships, here’s a conversation between Jamie and Cassandra Clare (the writer of The Mortal Instruments series), which the latter posted on her Tumblr:

See why I love him already?


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