Monday (much needed) moodlifters!

I hope this isn’t too much to ask of you, March, but please be kind to me!

Some much needed mood-lifters for today after the fall I had in the morning by the pool (fell on my ass and hit my head and now I’m walking like an old lady):

Here’s some pretty:

by Yoshinori Kobayashi

And some funny:

Oh, RDJ!
Which Olsen is this? Ha, she’s adorable!

And finally, some lovely:

Ugh, awful start to the week (and the month). But this will NOT dampen my spirits. I will heal! I am Wolverine! (Wolverina?)

Hope your week is going better than mine! :0)


4 thoughts on “Monday (much needed) moodlifters!

  1. Aw. Sorry to hear you had a splat moment – I hope you’re feeling better! Thanks for the collection of mood-lifters, I thought the RDJ one was hilarious, and the escargot one as well. Made me giggle out loud!


      • Falling on your head is no small deal, so if you experience any nausea or sharp pain, you need to go get x-rayed straightaway. I know, coz I’ve fallen on my head before. No fun at all. So I totally feel ya. Rest up well!! 🙂


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