Can you tell I’m on procrastination mode?

UGH. Thanks to my general laziness and obsession with pretty faces, I failed to come up with a short story for this week. I keep vowing to get off Tumblr and Pinterest, but damn those pretty things. Namely, this:


Ugh, you’re a life ruiner. I hope you know that.

Although I wasn’t COMPLETELY idle. I’m almost done rewriting Blood Promise! Added one major character, dug into one of the main ones and ripped out his guts, and thickened the plot. All that’s left to do now is rewrite part of the climax and denouement, and trim and tighten the entire manuscript.

Hopefully, I can complete all that in a week. I’ve dragged this on for too long. Damn distractions.

Promise – PROMISE – I’ll finish up the rewrites in a week. And then after that I can work on some short stories!



And now, please allow me some time and space to unleash my inner fangirl.

SUPER JUNIOR IS BAAAAAACK! With their 7th album! After two years! Much excited! Can’t handle! Will implode in minutes!

Yes, these are the dorks I’m in love with.

Now that their leader is back, 7th album let’s go!



Speaking of fangirl, I’ve finally gotten started on Rainbow Rowell’s book.

It’s been on my to-read list for the longest time, but there were just so many books in the way. Please don’t disappoint, Fangirl!

Hope you’re having a lovely week! :0)

(Also, promise: longer post next week!)


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