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When Super Junior Came to Town

(Okay, I just need to get this out of my system before I get back to writing again. I’m experiencing what my friend Liz calls “concert withdrawals”, so just let me indulge my inner fangirl before I return to Neverland. Promise I’ll get the words out again!)

So I’ve been too busy fangirling this past week to blog, which I know is a very sorry excuse.

Geddit? SORRY? Haha.

But Super Show 6 only comes by once! And pricey concert ticket aside, it was completely worth it. So I just had to drop everything and go catch Super Junior live (for one day only!) when they came to town last Saturday. SS6 Singapore is the second last show before they wrap up their world tour. Plus, it’s the last before a couple of key members enlist (trying not to think about that because NOOOOOOO).

So this concert noob went to see SJ.

People selling official idol merchandise around the concert venue. I got the SS6 jersey and varsity jacket (because, you know, you always need clothes)!

The concert tickets for SS6 sold out in 10 minutes! I had to log in at noon sharp to snatch up mine. And here you can see why.

A sea of sapphire blue lights, the colour of the fandom

My bae.


Yes, they cosplayed Elsa in various forms – just one of the crazy thing this group does.
Everyone remembered to mount the rotating platform this time! *claps*
Hae was right in front of us!

(The following images are from SMTOWN’s official website)


Baby looks nervous

It’s so different watching them dance live. Hae’s moves look a lot more powerful in real life than on the screen!
Forever rebel, Kim Heechul
I’m wearing this jersey to sleep, just so you know

Thanks for the memories, SJ! You completely SLAYED. I only wish the concert had been longer, because 3.5 hours with you guys just isn’t enough!

What was YOUR first concert experience like?? :0)

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