Neverland is DONE!!

One script, three drafts, and more than a year later, I am finally – FINALLY – done with the complete first draft of No Room in Neverland.

 photo rapunzel excited_zpshvwuuvax.gif

 photo excitedgoat_zps7ca94bb1.gif

 photo conanexcited_zps54673f77.gif

*throws confetti*

*does a happy dance*

*spends a day taking a complete break from Neverland*

*reality sinks in*

Now for the even harder part – crafting a query letter and synopsis. Because, really, how are we supposed to condense a 79,000-word novel into approximately 250 words that will hook a literary agent to request for the complete manuscript and eventually sign you on (query letter), or 500 to 750 words that will cover all the salient characters, plots, sub-plots, complications, and resolution (synopsis)? HOW?

*bangs head on desk*

*stares blankly at page*

*writes a draft*

*visits Tumblr*


*posts an Instagram photo*

*rewrites again*

*keeps rewriting*

Happy Tuesday! :0)


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