Sorry for the synopsis spam!

If you subscribe to my blog and just received a bunch of notifications for new posts in your mailbox, and they’re ALL synopses for my manuscripts, I APOLOGISE.

I’m just in the midst of doing up a new page on my blog, Novels, and for navigation purpose I had to publish each of them as blog posts so the page doesn’t get too crowded.

So thanks for putting up with the spam! If you like any of the synopses, do click on the Like button so I know if I’m on the right track. Fellow writers would know how incredibly hard it is to condense a 75K word novel into a 150-word synopsis, so on top of working on BLOOD PROMISE and BEFORE I REMEMBER YOU, cleaning up my synopses is what I spent my weekend doing.

ugh synopsis and query letter

But while birthing a synopsis might be torture, it also brings you so much clarity. What is the story you are trying to tell? Sieve out the essential points – character and conflict – and then frame it up prettily in an enticing premise. This synopsis can serve as a guide – albeit a brief one – as you write your novel. Already, I’m seeing my WIPs in a brighter light!

Can’t believe this is the tenth manuscript already! This post by literary agent Kristin Nelson is a good reminder to keep going beyond that.

why do you write joanne harris

I started seriously writing novels in late-2008 (no, those written in primary and secondary school don’t count) and submitting them for publication in mid-2009, and every one of them is distinctive of a certain point in my life. It’s like how you listen to a particular song and get transported back in time. Every book is a zeitgeist on its own. They capture the mood and worldview (and state of mind) of the writer, and basically captures a piece of the writer’s soul.

A writer’s stories will probably never mean as much to anyone else but herself, but that’s okay. Because as long as there’s one person who believes in the story – even if that person is herself – that’s all she needs to keep the words coming.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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