Book launch recaps

I’M A PUBLISHED AUTHOR NOW!!! *does happy dance*

This isn’t the be-all and end-all of everything, of course, but it’s a good start. Yesterday’s book launch was a success, and although I was a tangle of nerves on-stage and missed out a good part of the speech I prepared I didn’t do a Jennifer Lawrence, tripping up the stairs, and my mind didn’t go blank.

My baby
The other winners of Beyond Words Novel-writing Competition (from left): Danny, Julian and Justine, with our lovely (camera-shy) editor, Geraldine Mesenas (in green)
Big congrats to the other winners, and huge thanks to the Straits Times publishing team and National Arts Council for all the organising and planning and execution. Our babies owe a lot to you. Thanks also to the wonderful people in my life who’ve supported and encouraged me and offered invaluable and candid (the best kind) feedback. I really hope you’ll enjoy LAMBS FOR DINNER! Thanks also to my blog readers – commenters and lurkers alike.

The book will be available on Amazon by June 15, and in major bookstores in Singapore by this weekend. The e-book will be out next year. Go grab a copy, and if you do enjoy it please tell your friends to tell their friends!