arms of the ocean

In a world where shape-shifters are divided into kingdoms, the sea children and sky children are at war over stolen magic.

Amber is a sea daughter, the last surviving royal who has been hidden on a remote island ever since she was eight. Training as an apprentice in a black market for dark magic, she has no recollection of the traumatic siege that killed her family … until a mysterious winged stranger shows up one day at her window, wounded and bloody.

As Amber plunges into her watery memories, she discovers an entire race of sea children adrift, waiting for her to piece back her fractured kingdom. To do so, Amber has to battle an unruly ancient magic, enemies out for blood, and the stirrings of her own heart.

FLIGHT AND FURY is the first installment of the Riptides Trilogy, a YA fantasy series.


remembering kills you

17-year-old Isabel is running from her memories, the ones that remind her of her hand in the death of her best friend’s sister.

When she finds out that her friend Wes has been visiting a memory killer, an illegal witch-doctor who erases memories, she decides to have her own painful memories erased too. Soon, Isabel and Wes are spiralling down the rabbit-hole of selective amnesia together.

But memory erasure comes with its set of side effects, including long-term memory loss. It doesn’t help that the memory killer suddenly vanishes. Now, they have to race against time to find the memory killer before they lose their memories for good, and ultimately decide if a life forgotten is a life worth living.


the dreamcatchers

Contrary to popular belief, Becca isn’t crazy.

Sure, she can communicate with spirits through her dreams, and sometimes they make her do things while she’s asleep. But she’s learnt to keep her mouth shut when it comes to her dreams. So no one knows about the recent one she’s been having, where a woman keeps asking her to stop a boy from jumping off a Ferris wheel at the Midnight Carnival.

When her vision comes true and father goes missing after the chaos at the Carnival, Becca struggles to make sense of her dreams in order to clear his name. She doesn’t believe the two brothers she meets at the carnival when they tell her she’s a dream-walker who can traverse the different worlds of existence. But when they are all trapped in dream-state thanks to her, Becca has to embrace her dormant abilities to help them escape, as well as find her father back.

THE DREAMCATCHERS is the first of a YA fantasy series that stands at 61,000 words.



17-year-old Chloe Song is forced to put school on hold and get a full-time job when her parents’ business venture fails.

Meanwhile, Ethan “Prince” Wane has fallen from grace after his hiatus from the entertainment scene. His lacklustre comeback is proof that he is being dethroned. On top of that, he’s lost his private suite and his assistant.

So when Prince decides to hire Chloe as his new assistant, it seems like a win-win situation. But fame is an entirely different ball game, and as the media gets wind of Prince and Chloe’s relationship, the latter finds herself the target of vitriolic fans, one of whom will stop at nothing to eliminate her from Prince’s life.

BACKSTAGE is a 73,000 word contemporary  YA romance.


blood fruits - Copy - Copy

Frosty Island has a secret. And, if the spate of deaths and freak accidents is anything to go by, that secret is about to blow up.

17-year-old April Renn is a reformed changeling who survives on blood fruits found on the island instead of human souls. But as the supply of blood fruits dwindles, April finds herself struggling to curb her hunger.

After her brother is captured for stealing fruits from the mercenary Traders who serve the fairies, April allies with a long-lost fairy prince and sets out to rescue him … only to find herself caught in a brewing fairy civil war where humans and changelings alike serve as pawns in the game.

BLOOD PROMISE, the first installment in a YA fantasy trilogy, stands at 78,000 words.


until morning 2

18-year-old Lexi Keen has found her soul-mate. The problem is, she has never met Night, the elusive street artist who leaves his paintings in the nooks and crannies of the city.

Still, that doesn’t stop her from penning letters to him and dreaming about living in his paintings – until she finds herself in his painting, after a car accident that sees her ending up in a coma. But in her mind she is wandering through Night’s paintings and her childhood memories. Her only companion: Sam, a straight-laced boy who is the total opposite of Night.

As Lexi and Sam escape into their dreams, they find themselves unwilling to leave and question what they are really awake for.

UNTIL MORNING is a 74,000 word YA magical realism romance.