Shiny New Idea!

While reading the blurb of THE SCORPIO RACES for the hundredth time this morning, I came up with the idea to model the blurb for my Shiny New Idea after it. Consider this my pitch in less than 100 words:

Every year, the fruits of promises made are harvested by unscrupulous Traders and sold in the black market. Every year, the Scavengers race to pick the ripest fruits. To compete with the Traders can mean death, but the fruits are a means of survival for the Scavengers.
When Lisa makes a deal with a Trader to save her brother, she meets Sean, a boy who doesn’t make promises, which makes them exceptionally valuable. (DODGY GRAMMAR)
As she comes to know Sean, Lisa finds it more and more difficult to choose between protecting him from the Traders and saving her brother.

There are, of course, some pesky kinks I need to work out, like

1. What’s so special about the fruits?
2. What is a Scavenger?
3. Likewise, what is a Trader? How are they dangerous?
4. How do they differ from humans?
5. So what if Sean finally makes a promise? How is he in danger from the Traders?
6. Subplots, subplots!
7. What does Sean want?

BLOOD PROMISE actually came about as a short story, but as I wrote it I thought I could take it further and develop it into a full-length novel. This is what I have for now. I’ll still be working on completing 15 MINUTES, but if BLOOD PROMISE takes flight maybe it’ll be the next story I work on, instead of the one I had in mind.