Did You PitMad?

So there was this thing that went on in the Twitter-sphere last week, 8pm Singapore time on 9 September. PitMad, which involves aspiring authors pitching their manuscripts in 140 characters or less (at regular intervals within 24 hours) in the hopes that a literary agent will request for it by favouriting the tweet.

Apparently, there are quite a lot of authors who have found representation this way, and literary agents are all for it too.

And since I have two completed manuscripts, I’m totally ready for this.

Tweet Pitches for Until Morning

#PitMad #YA Girl meets boy in a dream when she falls into a coma, only to find that he is the elusive painter she has been looking for.

#PitMad #YA After an accident leaves her in a coma, Lexi meets a boy who is like the nocturnal street artist she has been searching for.

#PitMad #YA Lexi and Sam are trapped in the same dream that is like the paintings a mysterious street artist has been leaving all around town.

#PitMad #YA Lexi’s search for Night, the elusive nocturnal painter, ends when she finds herself lost in her dreams with him.

Tweet Pitches for Blood Promise

#PitMad #YA A long-lost fairy prince, a changeling hungry for human souls, and a not-quite-human boy team up to stop a fairy-human war.

#PitMad #YA To save her brother from fairies, a changeling stumbles into a full-blown war with humans, where changelings are used as pawns.

#PitMad #YA A changeling struggling with her hunger for human souls forges an alliance with a long-lost fairy prince to stop a war.

#PitMad #YA When her brother is captured, April struggles to curb her craving for human souls, until she steals a dead fairy prince’s magic.

So far, I’ve only gotten two favourites, which is kinda sorta pretty damn depressing.

But is that going to stop me from pitching my manuscripts?

Best of luck for all the writers who took part in PitMad! Hope you’re having better response than me so far :0)

Best-selling author of THE SCORPIO RACES and the Mercy Falls trilogy Maggie Stiefvater dispenses some invaluable advice on writing query letters and your book.

This is some timely advice as I begin receiving rejection letters from the literary agents I queried for BLOOD PROMISE. A couple of them have requested for partials, but nothing has quite hit the mark yet.

In the meantime, I’m working on the novel I’ve been wanting to write since the second semester of my sophomore year of uni. UNTIL MORNING started out as a play for my Advanced Playwriting (EN3271) class, and I’ve toyed around with the idea of having my characters meeting in a dream since then. But I still needed to work out the kinks in the story, which was why I decided to get BLOOD PROMISE out first.

And now I’m on a roll. The first 100 or so pages are always exciting to write, like the words are spilling out too fast for your fingers to keep up. So I’m going to power through until I can’t, and then I’ll find a way to power through again, just like I did for BLOOD PROMISE.

I know this is a repost of the link, but I can’t find any other GIF compilation that sums up the writing process as succinctly and hysterically as this one from ex-literary agent and writer, Nathan Bransford. Also, this chart:

So to my fellow writers: