the dreamcatchers

Contrary to popular belief, Becca isn’t crazy.

Sure, she can communicate with spirits through her dreams, and sometimes they make her do things while she’s asleep. But she’s learnt to keep her mouth shut when it comes to her dreams. So no one knows about the recent one she’s been having, where a woman keeps asking her to stop a boy from jumping off a Ferris wheel at the Midnight Carnival.

When her vision comes true and father goes missing after the chaos at the Carnival, Becca struggles to make sense of her dreams in order to clear his name. She doesn’t believe the two brothers she meets at the carnival when they tell her she’s a dream-walker who can traverse the different worlds of existence. But when they are all trapped in dream-state thanks to her, Becca has to embrace her dormant abilities to help them escape, as well as find her father back.

THE DREAMCATCHERS is the first of a YA fantasy series that stands at 61,000 words.