In an effort to get Gerlynn to blog more often, I’ll come up with a list of Ask Yourself questions that might inspire her somewhat:

1. Most embarrassing moment: When I was caught cheating in a test. The teacher threaten to drag me to the principal’s office (this was when I was in primary school) and I was screaming and crying my ass off in front of the whole class. Like I said, I don’t really look back on my primary school years fondly.

2. Worst TV guilty pleasure: The Hills. Speaking of which, I watched the entire Season 5 last week. And cried. I know, it’s stupid to cry at scripted ‘reality drama’, and someone needs to tell those C-list celebrities that people have worse problems than a girl stealing your boyfriend, or falling out with your best friend over her boyfriend. Still. It’s drama. We’re all drawn to it. It’s like watching a train wreck, only without the actual casualties. When Heidi told Lauren that her favourite memories were her memories with her, while sobbing, and Lauren hugged her (she cried too, and Heidi told her not to cry on her birthday), I started crying too. And I cried when Lauren showed up at Heidi’s wedding eventually (after dithering for a long while and initially not wanting to go). Hey, come on, I’m not the only one watching senseless ‘reality dramas’ that teach you nothing. Literary agent cum blogger extraordinaire Nathan Bransford (click on the link to visit his page!) watches it too. So that, um, somewhat justifies my watching it.

3. Favourite time of the day: Morning.

4. Favourite part of my body: my arms

5. Makeup or shoes: shoes. Makeup is disgusting. Imagine caking all those layers of powder and foundation and blush on your face.

You know what, this is getting pointless.

I watched Stepford Wives for the first time last night, on TV. And can I just say how creepy it is? Imagine living in a neighbourhood where everything is perfect and the women are bright and chipper and subservient to their husbands. It was something like a cult movie at points. I always thought the power of the mind is the scariest. It’s amazing what you can drive yourself – and others – to do based on your convictions.