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rediscovering joy in solitude + current reads

I feel like the world entered 2021 with cautious (if a little beleaguered) hope. The shitstorm is clearly far from over, but what we are aware of, we can cure (and that doesn't just apply to viruses).

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state of mind for 2015

So here it is. We've made it over to the other side. 2015. How should it be any different from 2014? 2014 was a mess of a year, rife with natural and man-made disasters, and social turbulence, tragic accidents ... Ugh, good riddance to 2014. This time, I don't want to pin too much hope… Continue reading state of mind for 2015

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What commencement is really about (hint: not you!)

  I was talking to a friend lately and he told me he was not going to attend his commencement (i.e. graduation) ceremony. Until recently, I had no idea there were people - and many of them, at that - who don't attend their commencement ceremony.   "Why wouldn't you?" I asked him.   "Because… Continue reading What commencement is really about (hint: not you!)