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rediscovering joy in solitude + current reads

I feel like the world entered 2021 with cautious (if a little beleaguered) hope. The shitstorm is clearly far from over, but what we are aware of, we can cure (and that doesn't just apply to viruses).

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How to Revive that Dying Manuscript

Last post before going off the grid! What do you do when you're holding a dying manuscript in your hands and trying to rediscover the magic in it again? #writerproblems #writingtips #notaquitter

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Some chicken soup for the creative soul is brewing…

Excited to start this interview series! Creative souls, I want to hear your stories 🙂 #CreateYourLife

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The Muse Waits for No One

You know how you're in the middle of charging through a scene and you don't really want to stop for any interruption in case the Muse decides to go play with someone else? ^ Current situation as I make the leap from act 2 to act 3 of Before I Remember You. So I'm just… Continue reading The Muse Waits for No One