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rediscovering joy in solitude + current reads

I feel like the world entered 2021 with cautious (if a little beleaguered) hope. The shitstorm is clearly far from over, but what we are aware of, we can cure (and that doesn't just apply to viruses).

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So much new Asian-lit in my TBR, I’m loving it

Confession: When I was a teenage writer still trying to find my voice, I tried to mimic the way Western - mostly American - authors wrote. I adopted their voice, their narrative style and characters' mannerisms and speech.

But those didn't sit right. The stories I wrote weren't rooted in my reality, my country or my neighbourhood. They didn't feature the people I interacted with daily. They were textbook characters created in the likeness of those from my favourite authors' books. They even had Western last names. They went to high school (not secondary school, as we call it here), and they talked like the American teenagers I saw in movies.


Because I thought that if I wrote a story from my perspective, no one would be able to relate to it, much less want to read it. I thought that if I created a world based on my reality, my narrow slice of life in this little corner of the world, I would isolate readers from the rest of the world. I thought the Western reality was the only relevant one. 

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June reads, pink hair, and manuscripts that just. won’t. end.

I couldn't blog last week because work was relentless (ZALORA's digital magazine community is going live soon!) and I was nursing a fever, sore throat, headache, and runny nose last week (doesn't rain, but it sure pours). Buuuut I'm back - with bolder, brighter, and pinker hair! :0) I was going to go with just… Continue reading June reads, pink hair, and manuscripts that just. won’t. end.

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this week’s reading list

Currently reading: 1. On the Jellicoe Road, by Melina Marchetta I read her other books, Saving Francesca and Looking for Alibrandi when I was 14, and I fell completely in love. Marchetta's writing was the contact I had with first Australian YA fiction, and it opened up the way I saw how contemporary fiction could… Continue reading this week’s reading list