Happy 4th Anniversary, Muses!

The short story blog is now a wild toddler! *blows dust off blog* I know, I know. It's been almost a full year since I last blogged. I don't know how time passed so quickly, but this year has been ... eventful, to say the least. From forest fires to a certain deadly pandemic making… Continue reading Happy 4th Anniversary, Muses!

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Making time to write … and other (near) impossible things

Juggling a demanding day job, two manuscript edits, and a new novel means some things fall by the wayside, and unfortunately this blog is one of those things. I have only two and a half hours of free time between dinnertime and bedtime to do everything I want to do, so something's gotta give. But… Continue reading Making time to write … and other (near) impossible things

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The 5 Stages of Finishing a Novel

This whole journey been far too long, with far too many starts and stops along the way, topped with a lethal mix of self-doubt and despair at ever finishing, and more rewrites than I bothered to count.


*cue celebratory dance around cauldron*

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updates from the writing bubble

I'll be honest here. The reason I haven't been blogging for so long is because I've been completely consumed by two things: THE NOVEL I've been making steady progress (average of 3K words per week) on LAND OF SAND AND SONG (moodboard below!) since the start of May and am at 54K words now, neck… Continue reading updates from the writing bubble

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manuscript roundup + aesthetics

What writers do when they're stuck: create moodboards for their stories because those look way better than their shitty manuscripts.
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On meeting Alwyn Hamilton and resisting the siren song of Shiny New Idea

TL;DR Meeting Alwyn was a fangirl's dream come true, and I'm staying loyal to the shitty mess that is the WiP instead of getting seduced by Shiny New Idea.
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Not too late for New Year resolutions, is it?

Excuse me, but it's 2018 already? What are we, speed-racing through life?? Wasn't it just last month that we were out partying going to bed at 11pm on New Year's Eve and resolving to make 2017 less of a complete waste than 2016? (Note to self: make less abstract resolutions next time.) ((Have to say,… Continue reading Not too late for New Year resolutions, is it?